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There are rules to this list. They are:

1. When sending requests,
please indicate song title along with artist.
Please refrain from asking for "anything by a certain artist".
That request will not be honored.

2. When you send out wavs, please be sure
that they are excellent in quality:
•Preferably in Stereo
(Mono acceptable only if it is excellent)
•Must not contain static or fuzziness
(a little will be tolerated, but must
basically be clear in sound)
3. If you send a wav to fill a request, it is very important that you use
the link that is provided for you. This lessens the confusion.
4. Finally, if you make a wav, please tell me,
so I can give credit where credit is due!
Important* We Enjoy sending wavs to you, and we hope
you enjoy receiving them. However, we ask that if at anytime
you wish to leave our list, please request to be
removed and we will remove your name ASAP.
A redundant but necessary rule is to remind our members that No TOSing is allowed. Just remember, you requested to be added to our list and everything we send is on a voluntary basis =)

Reminder: Our wavs will be Mpeg-3 compressed. You must download that
program before you will be able to hear the wavs.
Just visit our page below and follow the directions :

All about MPEG Layer-3

If your box is full, you will be deleted until you notify me again.
Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. =)
If you have AOL 4.0, this shouldn't happen since they have
increased the maximum new mail to 1000.

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Copy of the Consent Form

I,(enter your screen name), have requested to be added to RoSe 'n AngLz Full Song List, thereby agreeing to accept any and all mail received by ANY RoSe 'n AngLz Leader or Staff Member ...I also acknowledge that I am 18 years of age, and if I am not, or If at any time I choose to no longer receive RoSe 'n AngLz mailings, I will use the proper link to request removal, I am also aware that it may take up to 48 hours for removal ...the link for removal is located below.
~*Please Remove Me From RoSe 'n AngLz Song List*~

I realize RoSe 'n AngLz offers us many categories to choose from, I agree to make my choices below, so that I may receive what I would like, and nothing else. If you do not indicate what categories you would like to receive, you will not be added. Incomplete consent forms will not be honored.

[ ] Country
[ ] Hard Rock/Metal/Alternative
[ ] HipHop/Rap/RnB
[ ] Soft Rock/Oldies/Classical
[ ] New Music
[ ] 80's Pop/Rock

I also agree that I will not TOS ANY member of RoSe 'n AngLz Full Song List Staff, I have read the rules and regulations, and I agree to abide by them. I also realize that I will be recieving mailings daily, and that they may be heavy at times. Signing this agreement hereby makes any TOS null and void.

I am also aware that harrasment of ANY RoSe 'n AngLz Staff Member will not be tolerated, Any report will be taken very seriously and will result in immediate removal.

I am also aware that if my mail should become full, I will be removed from RoSe 'n AngLz Full Song List, and will therefore have to request to be readded by using the link below
~*Please Readd Me To RoSe 'n AngLz Song List*~

I realize that the songs sent to RoSe 'n AngLz Full Song List are for entertainment purposes ONLY, RoSe 'n AngLz Staff does not make ANY profit off of their services, and they encourage us (the list members) to purchase the artists tapes/CD's.

I am aware that I am not required to open every piece of mail sent by RoSe 'n AngLz Full Song List Staff, unless the subject should contain Do Not Delete, Must Read, or Please Read, these mails will generally be sent by the List Leaders only, which is (HrtOfaRoSe, AngLzLiST, and RnA Julie), I am aware that these mailings may contain important information that could be pertanent to me as a Member.

I also realize that AngLzLiST and HrtOfaRoSe will be logging and saving ALL consent forms so as to protect all Staff Members from TOS, and to be used if necessary as proof for AOL.

Today's Date X __________

Screen Name X ___________

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