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Welcome to our page! :)

(For AOL users, this page is best viewed when you have your web browser set on graphics UNcompressed: go to My AOL -- preferences -- WWW -- Web Graphics -- uncheck the compression feature, and then hit OK)

This list is BCC to provide privacy for our members. We will include lyrics whenever available. If you have a wav that is of high quality and in stereo and would like to share with the list, please send to AngLzLiST (Carrie), RnA Julie (Julie), HrtOfaRoSe (Candi), or one of the uploading staff assistants, and we will fwd to the list! :) (Please remember, you're never required to open EVERY wav you receive from us, the title of the song will ALWAYS be in the subject heading.  However, you will be responsible for opening every Request List/Update, & Personal Notes from Candi, or Carrie)

Before you join our list, be sure to read the List Rules. Once you have agreed with the rules, you can then choose the category or categories below that you would like to receive.
It will take 24-48 hours to process additions/deletions

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Receives hiphop, rap, and r&b

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Receives country only!

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Receives hard rock, metal,
alternative only!

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Receives soft rock, oldies,
classical only!

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Receives new contemporary

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receives 80's pop/rock only!

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~Click here to join our list!~

/2 ' gz ~ Send Me a Consent Form to Join

You must fill out the consent form completely and

agree to its term before membership is accepted.

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Wavs will be Mpeg Layer 3 compressed. If you need the program, then go here to download it MPEG Layer-3 codec. If by chance, a wav is uncompressed, we will indicate. Carrie will be maintaining the request list. However, if you have any songs you would like to have, just click on a link to one of our request assistants below.
Requests will only be ran on
Wednesdays and Saturdays and are for MEMBERS ONLY.
During these two days, expect heavy mailing. Otherwise, it will be very light.

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Requests for hard rock, metal, alternative only:
~ uPirGo ~

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Requests for soft rock, oldies, classical only:
~ uiGoo ~

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Requests for country only:
~ ngziS†~

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Requests for hiphop, rap, and r&b, only:

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Requests for 80's pop and rock only:

If you have your mail blocked,
please unblock the following members:

RnA Julie

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