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The Arizona Guy's Page (open weekdays only)

He has a request list set up in which you can request songs from his hard drive

(Tell him where you learned of his site) :)

Thanks goes to WavNBuggg for this link :)

The ArizonaGuy's Music Request Page


Page full of 80s music

Hunny99's 80s Music Page


Amhippie2's Website

(always updating)

Musical Timeline Rock


List of Full songs :)

Note* some of the wavs are not high quality :(

Thanks goes to ATbabe for the link :)

Sound America


Some country songs can be found here

WolfEyes Full Songs Page


Member's Site :)

Star2Nite's Wav's & Links


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List of wav sites (wav clips)

A link to a good collection of wav sites, which lists NUMEROUS links for wav pages

Thanks goes to Snowie22 for this link :)

Free Wavs

These are some great clips sites (one site has 10,000 wavs)..others may have full songs..they all vary..

CockyMF's WebRing


~ MP3 Site~

(found this on my Link Exchange Banner page)

MP3s Here


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Lyric Sites

Search Lyrics HQ

Hitlist Search

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Coming soon :)

I will set up a server/client environment with

my computer.

For you to be a client for my computer (which will be the server)

download the client software here

Hotline Client Software

After you download the software, email me

and I will give you the login name and password

to have access to my wavs on my computer :)


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